Did You Say Yoga?


I basically discovered this off-the-hook practice almost 2 years ago and I can confidently say that the very first session was like a revelation for me.

Besides the overwhelming feeling of peace and relaxation you experience, there was this wonderful mental feeling that I was exactly at the right place doing the right thing! It was actually a certainty.

I suddenly realized that Yoga was not just an amazing strength and lengthening practice but also a powerful mental work out! It is a double effect practice that completely resets your system and puts you in front of a new path of your life that reveals the “best you”.

As one of my teachers told us once during our practice, “Do not expect yoga to teach you anything, but do expect it to take things away from you.”

So be ready for the change 🙂 Here we go!

  1. Incomparable Health Benefits

The saying goes, “A yoga class a day helps keep the doctor away”! Along with its rejuvenating benefits, yoga has several heath benefits such as increased flexibility, strength building, body balance, stronger and more flexible joint, and spinal cord. In addition, yoga helps smoother energy flow, healthier lymph system, heart, controlled pressure, although help you lose weight if you need to. The list of benefits is unlimited!

Practicing daily yoga or 2-3 times a week strengthens immunity and helps to decrease the occurrence of infection, manage symptom of illnesses, and improve sleep.

I highly recommend checking out the yoga journal related page for more details on each benefit.

  1. Amazing Work Out Practice

First of all and most obviously, yoga is a fantastic workout for your body.

Yoga uses the weight of your own body to build mass and strength. Think about how many clunky free-weights it takes to bench press your bodyweight (150–200 lbs.)—Yoga allows you to get the same muscle-building benefits by performing long, extended pushups, squats, and leg lifts. The results are well-worked muscle groups, which get stronger with each class.

You can adapt the practices to your own speed and level of comfort. No matter which yoga exercises you choose, the practices will always be part of a great workout routine.

  1. Mental Health Development

Another side effect of yoga is that it will help you develop some truly incredible mental strength. The whole point of yoga is to work on your body’s strength so that you can sit longer in meditation, and the physical investment in the stretches and positions ensures that you’ll experience plenty of physical strength benefits as a result. Yoga and meditation help to strengthen resilience, stabilize mood, and decrease anxiety and stress.

  1. Dramatically Improved Breathing

We basically spend our day breathing in an urgent state, assimilating 0.5L of air when the actual capacity of our lungs contains 4L. Frightening statistics, isn’t it?

When I started my Kundalini yoga practice, I really thought I was going through a terrible hassle, trying to expand my lungs and ending up feeling exhausted! A big part of yoga is the breathing exercises –or the pranayama –which are incorporated into positions and then done on their own. The exercises encourage a more focused and centered way of breathing, and while they might not be something you’ll do consciously every day, they absolutely provide methods of effective stress-management and generally make you feel much better.

  1. Changing Your Life Perception

Yoga is a transformative force that shifts our perspectives in lifeThere is something almost mystical that happens to us when we exit a yoga class: the way we see the world around us changes. We may have entered the class full of stress or anger, feeling anxious, alone, or frustrated. But after that last savasana, our disposition would have shifted and life seems more bearable, enjoyable even! Nothing in the world has changed. But we have. As you practice yoga and meditation regularly, this subtle sense of feeling good gradually becomes so pervasive, so natural and genuine, such a part of you that it carries over into the whole of your life. And in doing so, it helps clarify your deepest longings, motivations, and aspirations, thereby restoring optimism, hope, meaning, and purpose to life.

Not convinced yet? Check out this video practice of Briony Smythe: After watching this, you will love yoga 🙂

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