What is the “right” way?

I have been struggling with a lower back pain it has been 8 months now and when I got the doctor telling me it was coming from my yoga practice, it was like to worst news I ever heard. Didn’t need to hear that knowing how important my yoga practice became to me.

But somehow I knew he was right, actually I’ ll rephrase it. Yoga is still the liberating practice I wish every human being practice daily, the world would definitely look different if that was the case. However I learned that even the “miracle” formula cannot make any miracle if you misuse it and in fact can hit you back. Reality is that I was over relying on my natural flexibility ability and in parallel not building enough strength, which ultimately created the back pain, I have and the related unbalance.  So I felt the need to take a step back, pause, understand and adjust.

But let’s not fool anyone here, our body state is a simple reflection of our mind’s state. We should recognize pain as the warning sign to put us back on track (if you accept the learning beyond the feeling) and as an amazing opportunity to claim our right to happiness back. So if you re lucky enough you ll get a back pain like me 🙂

What is the purpose of being able to stand on your head if you cannot hold simple standing postures? I understood and learned how important it was to be patient, focused and not to skip steps in the learning process. Because what you believe is easy for you can become your worst nightmare if you have a shaky basis. Self-doubt will catch you back and knock you down!

Then Ashtanga yoga came my way. After 3 years of yoga practice I was standing on my mat and my inspired teacher told me “I am going to consider you just started yoga, we get back to basics. Whatever you know you keep it to yourself and use it when necessary” the minute I heard that I felt an out of this world sense of relief. “ YES please! I know nothing just teach me what to do”. It is has been 3 weeks now of everyday 6:15am Mysore practice. I needed a proper discipline that teaches me how to build up on strength, balance and flexibility on the same time. A discipline that teaches me how to stand firm and strong on my ground. A discipline that forces me to continuously repeat the sequence until my body, my mind completely embed into it.

We are in December, the end of the year is at our door and I never felt so much ready to speak up again. Mind you I still have a long way to go but I am not compromising on my self-discipline. However things are definitely clearer in my mind and I stand in confidence.

The learning of these past months is partly about self-discipline, balance and resilience but these are just at the top of the iceberg. The real beauty lies underneath, in the power of being wrong, of embracing your boldness, of feeling lost, of being vulnerable, of asking for help, of stepping back, of not pleasing others, of being no one, of not taking things too seriously.

These are the drivers that will allow life values to arise and shape us in the most beautiful version of ourselves.

Love always.




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