What if Magic exists?

Salam! beautiful people, welcome to ILoveMe! March edition.

When I first though about what I felt like sharing with you in this new edition, food integrity and the importance of eating mindfully were a hot topic. Although it is a subject that the media has been publishing a lot about, I truly believe we can never stress it enough. There is definitely a global awakening concerning that matter, however eating trends have not completely changed. Far from it, the majority of people still eat a toxic processed diet, fueled by big food corporations and greedy governments.

If any of you want to have a part in changing the world in one way or another during this lifetime, it all starts on level one, one step at a time to love ourselves more, which eventually becomes a million steps if all of us are doing it!

And this is where Magic happens. These millions of steps of pure love generate such a positive and powerful energy that lifts us all to a level of consciousness and compassion towards humanity and towards ourselves. This same energy is the one that changes people’s lives: those who live in a continual state of emergency and who do not have the luxury or the choice to choose between eating healthily or not. They just need to eat! But our choices do make a difference for all of us on this planet earth.

So this month features all you need to know about the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) a very important issue that Rana and I are challenging our opinions on and leaving you the choice to allow GMO into your life or not. A very interesting approach to the subject on which we would love to have your opinion!

And of course more and more positive, optimistic, amazing news from around the world that make us trust and believe in humanity. Yes, all of us are children of light before anything else.

Wishing you happy reading!

With Love,


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