Tunisia, the Oasis of North Africa

In 2014 the Tunisian capital Tunis has entered the National Geographic Traveller’s annual ranking of the world’s top travel destinations. To many people, Tunisia presents itself as an excellent example of a Mediterranean country that is also part of the Arab and African world due to the dynamism of its society. It is also a country that marvelously combines tradition and modernity. Finally Tunisia is a country which succeeds in combining its own indefinable charm with other, European-like qualities.

Writer and law student Wafa Ben Hassine’s tips if you’re in Tunis…

  1. Dar Ben Gacem:Hidden between the narrow streets of the medina is Dar Ben Gacem, an upscale bed-and-breakfast where Tunisian heritage reigns supreme. Be sure to stop by, and make sure you talk with the project’s mastermind, Leila Ben Gacem, while there.

Get in touch: 71 563 742
Get here: 38 Rue du Pacha, La Medina, Tunis.


  1. Villa 78: Also a bed and breakfast, Villa 78 has a garden café in the back that is bound to help you unwind after a long day. The café offers espresso drinks, breakfast and brunch, as well as alcoholic drinks.

Get in touch: 71 840 589
Get here: 78 Mohamed V Avenue, Tunis.


  1. Foundouq el-Attarine: A unique combination between restaurant and boutique, Foundouq el-Attarine is a two-storey establishment that offers lunch and dinner every weekday and live maalouf music (Tunisian adaptation of Andalusian tunes) every Saturday from 17:00-19:00. Beyond the interior design of the place and the boutiques upstairs, the food is delicious!

Get in touch: 71 322 244
Get here: 9 bis Souk el Attarine, La Medina, Tunis.


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