New Resolutions, A Love And Hate Affair


This it, we are in 2017. It is time for us to indulge in retrospection and reevaluate some of our life choices. It is the time for new year’s resolutions which are the perfect opportunity for all of us who have failed to start making the changes that we said we would make next week, next month, or perhaps when winter starts. 🙂

But does setting new resolutions for ourselves really work?

Well out of my personal experience, setting a list of new resolutions somehow always freaked me out! I kind of started my year putting myself under pressure with challenges to overcome. And the worst was when I assigned a deadline for each resolution… it never fails; being incapable to achieve the set objectives this list becomes my worst nightmare as I end up dwelling into guilt and strong sense of self worthless.

But on the other hand putting down objectives gives a sense of direction and allows us to project ourselves into an “ideal” lifestyle while keeping our progress on track; as long as these objectives are realistic.


That is the key, you must define realistic resolutions for you to achieve! It does not mean that you have to stop aiming for something bigger but you would feel way much comfortable achieving baby steps towards you major goal. Additionally, I found that when succeeding in achieving my resolutions it progressively increased the sense of confidence I had and allowed me to aim for more!

It has been two years now since I am following this process and it works!

So for this year I will keep on progressing towards my higher goals setting for myself milestones I believe I can achieve in a year time.

Most important resolutions on my track list:

  • Work on improving my self-love practice through my yoga practice, work on, connecting more with like-minded people;
  • Aim at reaping what I sowed in 2016 for my work;
  • Stick to the good healthy habits I have developed;


What about you? What will you write for the next chapter of your life? 🙂


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