Mobile Kitchen Help Feed Refugees!


Europe has recently become a sort of safe-haven for refugees fleeing their war-torn countries. One man has observed that these people are usually left with no food. So he came up with an idea that would help solve this hunger issue for many refugees- a mobile kitchen!

Palestinian-British Ghafoor Hussain doesn’t consider cold sandwiches something anyone should eat when in such a situation as theirs.

“I thought there must be something we can do and that’s when I came up with the idea to buy a bus and convert it into a travelling kitchen”

So, for years, he has been taking it upon himself to dedicate all his time to serving hot food to these Syrian refugees arriving all over Europe.

Now, he’s rolling around on his new bus, his mobile kitchen, that’s now being managed by Al Khair Foundation, currently in Polikastro, North of Greece, dishing out hot meals to all the hungry refugees! Hussain receives donations from several associations and donors, so he doesn’t worry about running out of money to carry on this project.

His goal is to feed around 15,000 refugees daily, and as of January 2016, he has been based at the Grande-Synthe migrant camp near Dunkirk, in northern France. So far, Ghafoor feeds around 5,000 refugees per day, which even inspired a musical artist from breakspearinc, a unique musical production organization, to write a song about it called “5,000 a Day”, which he put up for download in order to raise donations to keep the bus going!

Ghafoor didn’t stop there. He noticed the refugees needed more than just food, they were in dire need of medical treatment. So a gofundme campaign was started to help raise donations for his new bus, a mobile Medical Services Facility. The funds will be used to help pay for the cost of purchase, conversion, medical supplies as well as being used to pay for food supplies for the existing mobile kitchen.

If more people take up ideas like this, it could solve world hunger!

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