Fast and Feed your Soul

As May is nearing an end, June opens its gate with a call for healing, an enchanting hum for not only our bodies, but our eternal essence: The Soul.

Saturday morning, the sun beamed into the shutters of my window to announce the commencement of Ramadan, the time when muslims, and sometimes non-muslims, fast their bodies to feed their souls. As the rays gradually illuminated my room, I started reflecting on the dim light of my soul; a light that yearned for Divine illumination; and my mind pondered… :

Throughout our entire lives, we walk on earth while shedding most of our energy and focus on material substances that one day will be nothing more than dust. There is an eternal substance suffocating within a material body that encages it. A soul suffocating beneath the heavy pressure of a fast-moving world.

Clearly, understanding the workings of a body is easier than comprehending those of a soul. Though we are not able to eloquently define a soul, there is evidence that a soul exists beyond the body, the mind, and the heart.

Just like the body, the soul can starve if we do not feed it, and there was no better time for me than Ramadan to feed my weary soul. As my day slowly passed, I realized that despite the taste of thirst and the crawling sound of my stomach; I could feel a deeper connection with my soul-self. The absence of a foggy mind, the non-satiation of my bodily desires, seemed to be strong contributors to my reconnection. I felt awakened, conscious and somewhat enlightened. My body was being exposed to a training of surmounting its desires and once I surmounted them through fasting, my focus shifted from feeding my body to feeding my soul. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. While inhaling, I could somehow recognize the cravings of my soul: Quran.

For me, the holy book was my soul food. I reached out to the shelve and took the Quran. I caressed the cover, then opened it to embark on my journey of enlightenment. Every letter I pronounced tenderly stitched the carved wounds I possessed. Every sentence seemed to be a guiding light to me, and every paragraph an enlightenment for my rejuvenated soul. I dived into the deep meanings, page after page, and the minutes quickly passed until the clock ticked at sunset announcing the end of my fast. I closed the holy book, and drowned in my thoughts:

It seems that when one controls his desires and temporarily let go of his materialistic needs, the voice of his soul can finally be heard. Each person’s soul yearns for attention. This attention, when given, will invite us on an endless journey of spiritual revival. Some might feed their soul with love, some with faith, some with gratitude, and some others ( like me ) with the words of the Divine. I realized that those who walk thoughtlessly, empty-soulfully, would never be able to feel the light of a satiated soul. Hungry souls are prevailing nowadays, then why not shut this hunger by giving a breath to our dead souls.

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