Become your Own Boss

C17tK6-UkAAkutuI- Growing an entrepreneur mindset

In the world of entrepreneurship, experience is a constant catalyst for renewal. With each experience lived good or bad, we discover new abilities and our deeper self. With each failures or mistakes we learn from, we prepare the way and improve the paths we take.

Although we can face issues of self-doubt, or lack confidence to compete in the business market, having mentors, guidance and different views of experiences can help instill self-confidence in your abilities as an entrepreneur.

When starting a business, as entrepreneurs, we need to capitalize on great ideas, and to line up capital to get the business “off of the ground.”

You can also have many promising business ideas but to just start focusing on one is the hardest part.

When there is a will, I would say there is a many ways. Yes a many ways not “many ways” and nor “a way” but “a” many ways to make it happen.

Finding the right way isn’t always obvious but if you let your passion drive you, it is definitely a big step towards a direction with many possible outcomes.

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Fitting myself into a corporate environment that wasn’t necessarily designed for me was somehow easy but I would reach a point where I felt part of me wasn’t completely fulfilled … I knew I had reached a point where I had to move forward and not get my potential stuck to a limit of a task or repetitive routine. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I always leaned towards a work lifestyle that corresponds and is conducive to my aspirations to blossom.

I can’t tell you how many attempts I’ve made over the years but even though it’s not easy to be an entrepreneur for all the insecurities and worries that come with it, it is one of the most gratifying things I made for myself.

It is the most successful achievement I can recall doing: trying do make things happen for me with my vision and the means I had, no matter the outcome.

There is definitely nothing more fulfilling to experience your own proficiency and discover along the way the ability you have to grow your inner skills and fight your fears of not being up to “it”.

When you’re employed, you might have a reliable and steady income and a life that seems a bit more predictable than it might be if you’re an entrepreneur. You might even get more vacation time since you are not the one running the business and can “leave the work at home” better than if you’re an entrepreneur. Being an employee and being an entrepreneur both have their pros and cons. So if you’re just venturing out in your career, give this a lot of thought: Think about who you are and what will make you the happiest.

Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to make a change in order to feel fulfilled! Don’t delay the urge of jumping into something new, push through the fear and just do it.

Yes, “Just do it”! And remember that building and running a new business requires a great deal of time. It is very challenging and necessitates a serious amount of discipline and dedication. Like anything, it demands a high tolerance to stress and lots of patience. It is exactly same as “to get to eat the fruit you need to grow the tree” no matter how long it takes and how much devotion and energy you will need to put into it…

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