Dubai Reduces Landfill and Generates Energy

uae-61307With today’s consumerist lifestyle, the GCC states rank among the highest per-capita producers of municipal solid waste in the world with the majority of waste dumped in landfills using valuable land and resulting in quantified environmental damage.

In order to address this major problem, Dubai is now building the largest plant in the Middle East to turn solid waste into energy.

Dubai Municipality announced that it’s building a $545 million waste to energy plant. The plant will be established in Warsan district two and it will be ready for use by 2020. Hussain Nasser Lootah, director- general of Dubai municipality,said that the plant that initially will stretch over 7.5 hectares, would consume 2,000 metric tonnes of waste and produce 60 megawatts a day.  This means that there will be an obvious reduction in landfills since waste volumes will be minimized. The plant will also save energy resourcesproduce green energy and reduce the reliance of fossil fuel.

This project will reap great eco benefits. Not only will it reduce landfill by 75% emptying landscapes that are currently used as dumpsters, but will also bring tremendous benefits for the environment. The plant will reduce the levels of Methane Gas emitted by landfills and since this gas contributes to the increase of global warming, its reduction means the reduction in global warming too. Looking further down the road, surrounded with a cherished environment, Dubai residents no longer have to worry about moving to Mars!

By 2020, Dubai aspires to produce 7% of its energy from environmental friendly sources. This plant won’t be the only one of its kind in Dubai, since the municipality is already planning three more to produce more green energy.

Hopefully, those countries who haven’t yet, follow in Dubai’s impressive footsteps in saving the earth!


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