Declutter For Good!: Lessons from Marie Kondo

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I chanced upon the sensational book from Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying half expecting not to finish it. I had been attracted to it because I lived, like many of us, in a constant state of mess. Let me say this now, Marie Kondo has changed my life, she has rewired my brain. She has finally taught me to declutter. And for good.

Konmari wisdoms

The reason for a constant state of clutter and mess is that the same item, (e.g. notepads or coats) tends to be stored in different places. Keep the same type of item in one place only, everything should have it’s own residence.

  • Expect the decluttering process to take time, around six months, this way you can think about what you want thoroughly.
  • There is an order to the process that allows you to gain confidence and experience as you proceed: start with clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous items and finally, things with sentimental value.
  • Keep only the items that bring you true joy and happiness, discard any item that does not fit the above bill. Anything you haven’t worn in a year also goes.


The method

Before you can tidy up, you need to get rid of what you are not using, or clothing that does not fit well, what does not invoke happiness.

Keep only the items that bring you real happiness and elicit joy.

There is an order to the way you go about tidying: starting with your clothes and ending with your memorabilia. Memorabilia are the hardest items to get rid of, which is why they are kept for last, allowing you to get more experience with the Konmari method, as it has come to be known.


What are the advantages?

Because Marie Kondo actually does change the way you think and see objects, you never actually go back to a messy state: everything has a place, every item has a space.

Personally, I witnessed the advantages of the Konmari method after I took my first trip.

  1. It took me 10 minutes flat to pack – because you can see everything and every item in the cupboard is an item you are happy to wear and looks good on you.
  2. During my trip, I was not distracted by thoughts of shopping, allowing me to relax and be more mindful, buying only what I needed and what gave me true happiness.

So go on, give it a try. You have nothing to lose but your clutter!


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