The Chain Effect Promotes Cycling for Mobility in Lebanon


Cars, beeping, honking, yelling, frustrated congested streets. What’s the solution?! What do you wish for when there’s absolutely no way to avoid traffic? How about a bike? Yes! In Lebanon, cars not only contribute to traffic, they also pollute the air, as they do everywhere else. So The Chain Effect has come up with a way to promote cycling using street art to get their message across!

Three friends created this project in 2014 hoping to promote cycling for mobility in Beirut, Lebanon. Even though the streets aren’t cycle-friendly, they realized that congestion, which is a major issue bearing high costs on the economy, society and environment, could be relieved if more people chose alternative means of transport.
Initially, they want to generate discussions and provoke people to think about cycling as more than just a sport or leisure activity. And they do this through street art, public installations and community painting. By painting on the walls of Lebanon, they get their message across in order for more and more people to toss the car and grab some wheels!


Cycling is the best way to beat traffic and to get where you need to go. Even better, it keeps you fit and in shape! This project has had impact on other countries, like Syria, where people are also beginning to promote cycling instead of driving cars.

This article was taken from Baraka Bits

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