Beyond those Walls

“Tonight, I’ll go to bed hungry” as the worker pronounced those words, his eyes narrated the rest of the story: he’ll go to bed hungry, and hope that tomorrow will bring him a morsel of bread that would shush his hunger. He’ll go to his bed and pull the ripped sheets over his head, then he would lie still while listening to the mosquitoes buzzing in his ears to remind him that he’s not alone. I glanced away and said “wait, don’t sleep right now”. I came back with food and a bit of money. “That’ll do for tonight”. His eyes shone with happiness, his voice excitedly echoed “thank you, and thank you, I’ll pray for you, God bless you”. 

It’s rare to see such expression of happiness towards something as simple as food. Humans lost it, and greed knocked on each person’s door pleading them to ask for more. That hungry worker who has been raised in the lands of Africa, has only one goal: to live today. That man was surely sad about the crowing of his hungry stomach, but he was satisfied knowing that today, he did what he had to do.
Beyond the walls of our mind, resides a world where happiness can be felt through the sip of tea, the bite of bread, the funny conversations, the encountering of a friend… A world where satisfaction and gratefulness is easily felt.
While some live day by day, others are drowning in the materialistic problems of this fast moving world. They tend to forget the two most important blessings: health and shelter. Those of which many are deprived of. Many allow their worries to haunt them, dragging thought after thought, until they are consumed by those negative ideas, which create a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction germinates from the need of something one does not possess. Rather than needing something we do not possess, and being dissatisfied with what has been given to us, we must feel blessed and grateful for being able to taste that bread which many cannot easily have, to sleep under a roof which many dream of. Yet we get consumed by the thoughts that we do not have enough. 
Those needy humans, those homeless persons, those hungry children, those deprived orphanages are all great examples to ponder over. They are reminders that the world is not linear. That there are persons out there who dream about that screen you’re reading my words on. We should outgrow the feeling of empathy until it surpasses every trace of dissatisfaction.

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