Abundance is ME


Others experiences, teachings or accomplishments are always a great pivotal for our own development.

After asking random people around me to define Abundance, the predominant answers I would receive would be related to material wealth, or an ideal relationship or career that one has or would dream to have… For most of them, it was always related to something tangible, something you can measure.

My next question to their reply would be: “If that really is Abundance, then explain to me why you still have this feeling of emptiness or lack of satisfaction? Why is preserving a certain image, or boosting your ego with a materialistic lifestyle still not enough and chains you with the constant mindset that the grass is greener next door, or that you are not good enough, or that you are still missing something?”

I won’t deny that having a comfortable healthy life, a happy relationship or a decent amount of money makes your daily survivor mode a more successful journey but it is not what brings you what I define as Abundance. We all know that things don’t come overnight, that you need to commit to them and work hard towards your goals. And yes, the feeling of achievement is a form of abundance. But there is more.

“In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?” Igor Stravinsky

One of the greatest things someone once pointed out at me in a moment of anguish is that I was full of Love. It is then that I understood the true meaning of Abundance.

Abundance-21Approaching your life with a happier perspective by overcoming fear of failure or change. Not seeking out abundance as an external thing but instead consciously receive what is already present in your heart and soul then share it all around you IS Abundance.

Like the wind, Abundance is not contained in objects, acquisitions or achievements but it flows anywhere and will give you the strength to create or accomplish whatever you dream of.

Like the wind, you can feel Love refresh you, inspire you… It is a beautiful energy emanation that deeply fills you and your creative soul.

Therefore, the best and shortest description I could give of the true nature of Abundance is Love, and most importantly, the state of feeling it and sharing it. It is the power at work within us.

And if you believe this love doesn’t exist or is gone dead, take a closer look.

Its presence will become clear once your level of consciousness is in tune with your deeper self. So let the wind blow, spread your wings and take the leap of faith with yourself. Let Abundance flow inside out…


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