Clownmein or a new way to enjoy life!




Clown me in or a new way to enjoy life. Clown me in mission is to help each of us tap into our inner child and release the unmeasurable potential of joy each one of us holds inside of us. Clown me in is a project supported by Beirut DC. Clown Me In is a clown theatre company founded by Sabine Choucair from Lebanon and Gabriela Munoz from Mexico, two physically trained actors who studied in London.

Clown Me In uses clowns to touch and play with the vulnerability and laughter of human beings and their edge, observing mostly the human dynamics and the reality inside each one of us. Its work is divided into workshops and performances.

With Clown Me In, unlock your clown, say yes, discover your most ridiculous fears, your most absurd fantasies, your most impressive talents and your deepest dislikes…. so that you can play your clown and just accept….
Clown Me In has worked with Palestinian, Mexican, Lebanese, Indian, Brazilian, British and indigenous communities.

They visit the refugees trying to bring them happiness and a sense of lightness, reminding them that life is also about laughing even in the worst moments of our lives.

Clown me in next performance will be in November 2016 in Lesvos, Greece to support refugees.

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