Shift in Consciousness


“The shift in consciousness” started for me when I got into the organic business creating my own food business in Lebanon. I created the type of food that corporate people like me were seeking: easy and convenient organic food.

Before that, the concept of eating consciously was quite vague for me. However I used to care about the “diet” aspect of food, basically dealing with calories, and thus I was more focused on the proportion rather than quality.

Then, I started using my new inspiration for eating in a healthy way and took it to a higher level. And then from eating consciously, I transited to the larger concept of living consciously in all aspects that it entails.

Investigating the integrity of our food production chain, changing my perception of health and natural therapies, enlarging my vision on environmental matters, realizing my responsibility as a human being towards our fellow animals, creating a positive thinking mindset, and realizing the importance of sharing my know-how with others have become my major concerns.

I mostly learned everything on my own but I was greatly supported by a beautiful network of passionate and inspired people. As I began to learn more, I felt empowered to create new habits and be able to make even more conscious choices in a hostile, over-processed world.

So this month edition is really about focusing on the importance of eating consciously. It’s also about for each one has to find its own motivation channel in order to get out of the system as there are no set rules.


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